I am software engineer, currently working at The Walt Disney Studio as Sr. Software Architect, building digital platform that supports the studio operations.

I have an interesting mix of experience. I have provided software development consultancy in South Korea, Panama and Costa Rica. Software development if still my thing.

I had founded my own software business. Although it was a small consulting company, I learned a great deal of running a business, from finance to customer relationship management.

I also created a non-profit organization for promoting art and culture. As an immigrant, I was identified myself with two cultures, and I wanted to people to respect and appreciate the different cultures. I organized concerts and art festivals, gave eco-tours.

Nowadays, I am dedicating my spare time to learn topics I wasn't too attracted during my schooldays but today I find them fascinating: philosophy, psychology, economics. I am making videos from my learnings in Korean, Spanish and English.

All these experiences allowed me to have a distinctive way of perceiving and handling challenges.

Today I live in California, working for a company which I admire for its creative culture, family orientation, and inclination towards diversity and inclusion.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending quality time with my family, learning diverse topics and producing and sharing videos and articles of knowledge that I have acquired.

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Last update: Apr 13, 2021