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I am an entrepreneur, sustainability advocate, learner, educator, and software architect with experiences in building multi-million dollar budget software systems. I have also started businesses in technology.

Currently I am the CTO of HanaLoop Corp, a climate tech company. I am dedicating my efforts to developing a sustainability platform.

For over twenty years, I have built softwares that improved the life of millions of people. From a system that supports the international airport in Korea to a climate change risk management and mitigation platform, I build systems that optimize businesses and address pressing social needs.

When COVID-19 broke out in 2020, I took a hiatus from my regular job to broaden knowledge beyond technology-related topics. Because of the pandemic, many well-regarded world conferences and symposium were held online and open to public. I noticed a common recurring theme: climate change, the major disruptor.

Upon further investigation, I stumbled upon the term "Climate Intergenerational Injustice," and it resonated with me deeply.

That's when I changed my priorities.

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