Inspired by ThoughtWorks' "Technology Radar", I created my "Life Radar."

This radar is my opinionated guide to intentionally lead myself to a more fulfilling, and satisfying life.

The blips (items) does not change as often as those in Technology Radar.

For those unfamiliar with the radar, within each category (or quadrant) there are blips placed in a specific "ring" (as in radar).

There are four rings:

  • The Adopt ring includes blips that I have experience with and observed positive impact. In some cases I may have not personally applied but have overwhelming evidence of the positive result.
  • The Trial ring is for blips that I have researched about and believe that there is an compelling case for it. Testing would likely produce good result.
  • The Assess ring consist of blips that should continue following.
  • The Hold ring is for those things that I may want to unlearn, misconceptions that I had or things that I do in autopilot mode that would like to stop from doing.