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I am a leader, learner, educator, and software architect, a person blessed with a beautiful family. I have an interesting mix of experience: developing softwares, training software engineers, running business, organizing concerts and other cultural events, selling fine arts, giving guided tours, teaching children, and of course parenting.

Professionally, I have been in the software building business for more than two decades. I was a consultant in distributed systems in Korea, business owner of an IT consulting company in Panama, and software architect in the United States of America. I have worked in media entertainment, education, telecommunication, finance, logistics, security, transportation, bioinformatics. I have come to appreciate the Agile principles on valuing people, delivering frequently, understanding the customer needs and welcoming changes.

I always keep two tenets when I work: deliver value to the customer and contribute to the growth of the organization.

Personally I have always been inclined to the Hongik Ingan philosophy (홍익인간 정신). The Hongik Ingan means expanding the benefit of people, to foster the welfare of humankind. Coincidentally, Panamanian national emblem also includes a motto "Pro Mundi Beneficio" which has the same meaning.

As an Asian immigrant in Latin America, I experienced prejudices going from both directions, Asians towards Latin Americans and vice versa. That was the source of my first determination: to promote and facilitate the exchange of cultures, so people can appreciate different nation’s arts and customs instead of discriminating and isolating them. Today it is called diversity and inclusion. 15 years ago, I created an organization called Culturaplus through which we organized concerts of various genres, art exhibitions in Panama and Korea, and other cultural exchange events. I was very happy when Panamanians started recognizing and appreciating the cultural differences of various countries in Asia. And I knew we made a difference when people after visiting our art exhibit booth in Korea International Art Fair 2007, sent us emails thanking us for introducing such an exquisite art.

Nowadays, concerned about the serious world crises (UN, WEF, think tanks and other institutions), I started educating myself on topics about social divide, digital exclusion and sustainability. I am also fascinated by philosophy, psychology, and economics. Even though the topics seem unrelated, they are closely interconnected.

As part of my learning process, I produce videos and publish them on YouTube. True to my beliefs - that knowledge should be shared for the benefit of all - all my contents and source codes are under open source license.

Today I live in California, working for a company which I admire for its creative culture, family orientation, and inclination towards diversity and inclusion.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending quality time with my family, learning diverse topics and producing and sharing videos and articles of knowledge that I have acquired.

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