I am an entrepreneur, sustainability advocate, learner, educator, software architect.

Currently I am building a sustainability platform at HanaLoop Corp, a climate tech company I started with my partner.

In the past, I have built software systems that have improved the lives of more than 200 million people[^1]. At every project, I have also drastically improved the performance of my teams, engineers and product owners. Through mentoring, coaching and establishing learning programs, I challenged them to build a better product, focusing on technical excellence, and delivering value to the customer.

My software engineering career spans more than two decades and three countries. In Korea, as a distributed system consultant, I participated in multiple large-scale projects. In Panama, I started my own IT consulting company and led projects for the government and multinational companies. Currently, in the United States, I have been architecting and leading in-house projects and helping teams become more agile.

My other passion is contributing to society. I identify myself with the Hongik Ingan, the Korean founding philosophy centered on bringing benefit to the broader humanity. Aligned to this spirit, I have created an organization for cultural promotion and exchange and taught programming and math to children. Currently, I am producing and sharing videos on YouTube about topics to help reduce the opportunity gap in society.

From researching genetic programming for RNA structure, to leading the engineering group of multi-million budget projects with several dozen people, I have accumulated a wealth of experience as a leader and hands-on software engineer in diverse domains. This includes media entertainment, education, telecommunication, finance, logistics, security, and bioinformatics.

My vision is to bridge the gaps in society by creating products and services that empower people and contribute to thriving communities and industries.

I am people-oriented and value-focused with a track record of leading teams to deliver software products successfully resulting in great satisfaction for the stakeholders.


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[^1]: For example, traffic management system made driving faster and safer; multimedia messaging system allowed people to send and receive not just text but media data reliably; mobile service quality audit system improved the quality of the mobile uses in Panama; and recently the media distribution system enabled.