Sharing Knowledge

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I started two sites: and


Everything should start with the WHY question.

The answer is straight forward: To share knowledge

So, why I share my knowledge?

First, to learn

Not to show off that I am knowledgeable, on the contrary, because my knowledge is limited and those things I know, the level of understanding is shallow. The process of sharing knowledge starts with internalizing the topic so that I can articulate for the audience to understand.

As I organize my thoughts I find gaps in my knowledge, motivating me to research further. Once I am done writing an article, I find myself with a bit more mastery in the topic and a bit better communicator.

Second, to contribute

Even with my limited knowledge, I believe it is worth sharing. If it has been useful to me, it could be useful to someone else.

Third, because it is fun

Learning is fun, sharing is fun. The actual mechanics writing, not so much, but that's where I am going beyond my comfort zone.

Published on: 08, by

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